Hope the Surgeon Isn't Hungry


I’m surprised by how relaxed I feel early in the morning on the day of Catherine’s really big surgery. After all the planning, prepping and praying, I feel remarkably calm. As I’m writing this, however, a little spiral of nerves is beginning to spin in my stomach. Oh well. ‘Twas nice while it lasted.

Catherine is expected in surgery about 11:45 AM today. They take here “when they’re ready” so it could be a little later than that, and I’m thinking it will be. Now my biggest concern is whether the surgeon will be hungry while he operates! I’m going to take him an apple and banana and energy bar. If nothing else, he’ll laugh, and that will be good.

He listens to ABBA in his OR. When I asked him why he chose that music, he said, “Because I think it’s happy music, and I like the kids to hear happy music.” Love that!

So, technically, Catherine is having a dega osteotomy and bilateral femural osteotomies. I hope I’ve spelled that right. Her left hip is completely out of socket, so they’ll cut the hip socket to make it cup better to hold the head of her femur in place. Then, he’ll cut her left femur to make it line up correctly. He also plans to cut her right femur so it will be lined up better, too. He does not plan to cut the right hip, fortunately. So, Catherine will have 3 boney cuts this AM and we’re told a month of pain and then 3-6 months of “discomfort” – just a bigger word for pain. I’m not worried about the surgery – well, other than the surgeon being hungry! I’m worried about the pain.

I know many of you who read this blog will pray for her. I really really appreciate the prayers. Knowing many are praying for her gives me peace, and I am confident God listens. When you pray, please ask God to minimize her pain in whatever way he can. And please pray the surgeon isn’t distracted by anything like hunger – ha ha! And of course, that it goes well overall. Thank you very much for the prayers and good thoughts and energy sent her way today.

And God bless Catherine today.


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