36 Nuggets of Family Travel in Copenhagen

Around Town

The “classic” view of Copenhagen – the neighborhood of Nyhavn. This photo was taken from the bus tour the day we arrived and were having a hard time staying awake.
National Gallery – Not to be confused with the National Museum. Sarah’s walking to the middle of the reflecting pool to sit in that chair in the middle. Wouldn’t you?
Showing off the art after drawing all afternoon.
In Denmark, bottles are marked for recycling. You pay a deposit with every bottle you purchase. Then, you can return the bottles for money. We “paid” for a lot of groceries this way. And many people in CPH pull bottles from the trash to make money. About 4 bottles would get you a buck.
We put Sarah’s Fanta bottle in right as they needed to change the crushed bottle container. She found her bottle sitting on top – the one with the orange label.
One of the most interesting things we learned is that people in CPH believe there should be life in the cemetery. So they are often designed like beautiful gardens and on nice days, people go there for picnics and sunbathing and to play games. I like this idea.
Hans Christian Andersen is from Copenhagen and this statue of The Little Mermaid is the most visited tourist attraction in the city. Sarah loved seeing her and we went twice.
Hans Christian Andersen is from Copenhagen and this statue of The Little Mermaid is the most visited tourist attraction in the city. Sarah loved seeing her and we went twice.

What Do They Eat?

Cheers with water the night we arrived. We made it.
Gross Hotdogs. Sarah didn’t even want to try it.
It’s always fun to see how McD’s is the same and different in other countries. Mostly the same, though the burgers tasted different. Probably actually meat!
Salmon Smorbrod (open faced sandwich) and one with Roast Beef. These were really good at Louisiana Art Museum.

IMG_0547 On the Go

This is where we're going. So exciting.
This is where we’re going. So exciting.
All on the plane and ready to take off. Eight hour flight? Piece of cake. The girls did great.
We missed our stop on the bus and had to walk back to the National Gallery. Good shot of the way sidewalks are designed. It took a lot of concentration to keep Catherine’s wheelchair between the cobblestones. The smooth path on the right is bikes only.
They look like seasoned travelers, don’t they?
A great hand in Uno passes the time on the train well.
Waiting for the bus. We traveled low budget which meant lots of busses and trains. Next time, we’ll look into renting a van.
On a hot day, cold air blew up from this grate. Made a cute photo op.
This photo shows an example to anyone who ever wonders why I still adore my husband. Thanks Brian. You could have gotten really irritated, and your quick shift to the escalator made me fall in love all over again.
Love how Sarah is watching to be sure her sister will be safe going down the stairs. “Be careful Daddy!”
Now, this is traveling in style!
Bye Bye Copenhagen! Sarah cried when we left. So glad she had a great time.
Leaving Copenhagen, Sarah wanted to give the passport control officer all the passports. That’s a lot of trust to give a 7 year old! She did a great job and kept them all very safe.

    Sleeping Abroad Is Different

IMG_0060 We stayed in the Urban House – a hostel that had a hip, young vibe with a surprising number of families. Bean bags were welcome the morning we arrived after our long flight.
Woke 3 mornings in the hostel to this little face looking over the top bunk.
Catherine had a hard time adjusting the first morning and slept a lot despite the breakfast and activity surrounding her. She adjusted quickly after the first day.
In the middle of the trip, we went to LegoLand and stayed one night. You probably can’t tell, but the bunk beds are toddler size and Ellen had to sleep there. Good thing I curl up at night.

IMG_0297 IMG_0292

The last half of the trip, we stayed in a flat in Fredericksburg that we booked via Airbnb.com. It was neat to see how locals live and to be away from the center of the city of Copenhagen. We relaxed, took day trips and had a much better time out of the city. Yes, I’d use Airbnb again.

Sheer Beauty

IMG_0457 IMG_0556 IMG_0689 IMG_0806

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