Daddy Fix It. With Tape!


Sarah has recently entered a “tear the page” phase with her books. It’s annoying to me, but she seems to get some sense of accomplishment from it.  She’s torn many pages and Brian diligently fixes them with packing tape.  Somewhere along the line, Sarah started looking at every torn page while saying,  “Daddy fix it… with tape!” She has such enthusiasm for the proclamation. And she emphasizes the “With TAPE!” part every time.

I was driving home alone after dropping both girls at Delrey on the morning of Catherine’s most recent IEP meeting (they were nice enough to let us put Sarah in daycare for the day – and the meeting went relatively well). I took a corner too close to the curb to handle the custom-lowered floor. I wrecked our six-week old van on the ramp door side. Ugh! The ramp wouldn’t deploy. The door barely closed. I didn’t even want to tell Brian.

Of course, I did, and the next morning when we had to all load  up for the trip to school, Sarah patiently stood outside the van and said, “Wait!” because she knew the ramp should come out of the door. It didn’t. We started to move toward the van, and again she yelled, “Wait!” but we had to keep moving so we wouldn’t be late.

I tried to explain that I had broken the van and the ramp wasn’t going to deploy. She looked so confused. She kept wanting to wait, so I finally had to pick her up and put her in her car seat so she could ride to school with Catherine. She struggled and screamed, and I finally said, “Sarah, listen to me.” She usually looks at me when I say that, and she did this time, too. “Mommy broke the van. Mommy broke the ramp. It doesn’t work anymore.”

She looked up at me with big brown eyes and in a split second said, “Daddy fix it! With tape!”

My body was laughing, but my soul shed a tear. Some things just can’t be fixed… With tape!

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