I'm Reminded

I got an email from an old friend today. He’s many more years down the road than we are. His son has severe CP and just started college this fall. His son’s mind is as sharp as they come. And my friend, the Dad, went to college with his son to be his cook and driver and whatever else he needed to realize the dream of graduating from college. Wow!

People tell me all the time they don’t know how I do it. I look at my friend and wonder how he does it. Yet I know. For the reality is that you just do. You make choices and then get up each day and take the steps necessary to make those choices a reality. My friend is ready to come home for Christmas break – to see his wife and other son. And to rest.

And I’ve just come from a business trip where I was reminded of all that needs to happen to  help our company grow. Interesting how these parts of life intersect. As one part of my brain is calculating all that needs to be done to grow a business, another is being reminded of the very long road we travel – and of the need to take time out to rest if we’re to make it all the way to wherever it is we’re going.

Seems I’m reminded of this frequently. But I’m not sure I’ve learned the lesson yet. Fortunately, life keeps giving me plenty of opportunity to practice.

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