Similar and Different

Sarah is helping with this blog post. We discussed things that are the same in Copenhagen and different and she compiled this list. 


Some people speak English too

They have busses and trains and airplanes. 

Everybody uses their phone all the time. 

They have yummy pizza. 

We have lots of Legos and the same kind. 

We have toilets in the train. 


They have lots of windmills. 

Lots of people smoke here. 

They speak Danish. 

Lots of people ride bikes – even to work. 

A lot of people have blue eyes and blonde hair. 

It’s really expensive. A soft drink in a machine costs $5. 

They use krone rather than dollars. 

Legos are more expensive in Denmark. 

McDonalds at home does not have sweet pineapple!

Hamburgers taste different here – they are harder but you can still bite into them. 

 Mmmmm. McDonalds tastes different but still good.

Look at all the bikes outside the train station. 

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