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Picking out a wheelchair with your daughter is a lot like picking out a prom dress — there are loads of choices, it doesn’t happen often, you imagine the time she’ll have in it and hope it’ll be magical. And then it has to fit well, of course, and… (read more of the essay here).

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  1. I read about you and your family on Jezebel today and just wanted to stop by and say that as a young woman, i look up to the way you’ve been able to strike a balance between career and family. Your strength is inspiring and both your daughters are beautiful. God bless.

    1. Thanks Ali! Some days are better than others. I’ve been off the blog for awhile working super-long days. Worked nearly 22 hours yesterday. Ugh. Can’t be a very good mom doing that! God bless you, too.

  2. Whenever I have been involved with a wheelchair order/fitting – the parent knows what to expect. Brian probably knew what to expect – looks like it anyway. I hope your daughter’s therapists are there to help fit the chair when it arrives. I think the prom dress analogy works.

  3. Compartmentalizing has been my sanity saver. But even that has to be balanced, or one runs the risk of disconnecting to protect one’s self from pain. It’s a tricky, but it sounds like you’ve got a handle on it. And that is wonderful, and inspiring to read.

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