Arms Reaching Out

Sarah has just starting reaching out for me. Of course, she’s reached up and for me for a long time. But I mean really reaching out – like in the sense of,  “I care about you.” Or in the sense of, “I really want to get close to you.” It’s not quite a hug. And it’s not needy. It’s more of a scramble into my body with her little arms and legs saying, “Let’s get closer.”

And I love it!

I especially love the juxtaposition of it against the lack of reaching out by Catherine. Catherine melts into my body. It’s very close and intimate. But there is no pulling and tightening toward me, so honestly, it feels a bit void. Catherine’s hugs are ones I place there. Sarah’s come of her own will. I know Catherine would hug me if she could. And one day, I hope she will. Today, I’m thankful for what I feel from Sarah.



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