Observation Day

I can’t stand it. I’m in SFO at an industry conference (that’s been great btw!) and back at home – in a 3 hour time change – Catherine is being OBSERVED by Anne Arundel County Public Schools. Though I had my alarm set for 6:30 PST – hey, I may as well sleep in a bit while I can, right? – something woke me up at 4:45 out here. Perfect timing to call Catherine and wish her well on her day.

I could barely speak in my groggly AM voice. “Hi. I called to say good luck to Catherine.” It’s sort of weird – even to me – to talk to someone on the phone who can’t talk back. It goes sort of like this:

Hi Catherine! (pause to allow her to register that I’m talking with her)

How are you? (wait to allow her to think about that, knowing she can’t tell me anyway)

Did you have a good sleep? (wonder what the nurse report was for the night)

Brian says: She’s listening to you.

I hope you have a good day at school today Catherine. (pause) Now, let me tell you something. Some people are coming to watch you today (think to self – should I even tell her this?). So, you do really well today. Hit your switches and eat really well, OK? (quickly stumble). I mean, don’t stress about it. Just have a great day and do your best. And even if you have a bad day, that’s OK too. I love you and hope you have fun at school. (wonder: would it be better for her to have a “bad” day in this stupid process??)

“Hi Mommy” – I hear Sarah say and continue the call with everyone – even the nurse.

So – it’s a big day. I’m stuck 3000 miles away. And I still wonder if I’m doing what’s best for Catherine. I hang up the phone and pray: “Thank you God for doing better things for Catherine than I can desire or pray for.” And that allows me to rest knowing someone bigger has her in the palm of his hand and will take good care of us all today.

Nice thing for me to observe, huh?

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