Both girls are sick. Ugh! Interesting how it affects me though. Catherine makes me worry. Sarah seems sorta cute about it. I see her runny little nose and have fun trying to wipe it clean while she squirms away. Catherine requires the bulb syringe to make sure she can breathe. Literally. It’s scarier, frankly.

And we had to cancel two medical appointments this week for Catherine because of it. That’s just irritating, because now I have to rearrange work around an additional set of appointments during another week. But I know it was the right thing to do. No one wants to put a kid under general anesthesia if she is sick.

So, I wait and hope for this “sick” to run it’s course. And I’m aware that I grow a bit worried at the sound of Sarah’s cough tonight. So maybe sick is just sick and it’s not that different for each of them after all.

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