A New Start

I don’t know when it started. One New Year’s Day I got a bug up my you-know-what and I wanted to go to the beach. I hopped online to find the closest beach to us. It had a really unfortunate name – Slaughter Beach. It was only 90 mins away though so it was perfect!

We had no idea what we would find as I packed a picnic and listened to Brian tell me how cold it would be. Yep. That’s what long underwear is for! We bundled up the kids and headed east. 

Since that day, this has become our New Year’s Day tradition followed by collards and black eyed peas. You can keep your ball drop in Times Square at midnight. I much prefer looking out across the ocean and thinking about what has happened over the past year and all the possibility that exists as we head into a new one. 

So greetings from Slaughter Beach with the very best wishes for a happy and prosperous 2016. Let’s all make it a great year!


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