The Way the World Works

I find the way the world works to be quite remarkable at times. Frequently, actually.

This week has been especially difficult at work. Yesterday, I had a late afternoon meeting out of the office, and rather than go back when it concluded around 5 PM, I went home. The work situation had kept me from getting home in time to hug my kids for numerous nights, and I wanted simply to be with them – especially Catherine. She goes to bed earlier than Sarah, so I had missed tucking her in and reading our story about “small people with wings” and saying prayers. I also missed holding her and just telling her I love her. You know – the little things.

I drove home happy that the difficulty was more or less behind me wondering what the best use of the extra time would be. I wanted to take Catherine for a walk, frankly, but we had a heat warning that dismissed schools early, and it was still over 90 degrees when I was driving home about 5:30. I turned the corner onto our street and was surprised to see our therapist’s car in the driveway – it wasn’t her normal day to come. “Yay!” I thought. “I can see what’s going on in therapy.”

Our therapist had emailed me recently to tell me about the progress Catherine was making – one of perhaps two times she’s proactively emailed me with news of great progress. I literally slammed the car in park, left my stuff in the car, and ran into the house afraid they’d be wrapping up and I’d just catch her helping  Catherine out of her equipment.

God had other plans.

I opened the front door still wondering what I might be able to do with the girls that would be special since I was home early. And this is how the world works. I got to see Catherine standing tall in her gait trainer getting ready to practice walking. I made it. With no knowledge of what was happening in my house as I was driving home exhausted, I got home in time to watch my little bug, my butterfly, my teeny tiny daughter walk approximately thirty feet, and she did it three times! Take a look at this video if you have about 3 minutes and you’ll get to see a miracle. An honest to God miracle.

There is a popular country song that refrains the lyric, “I saw God today.” Yesterday, I knew that to be 100% true.

Fly, Catherine, Fly!

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  1. I LOVE MIRACLES!! And this is one, for sure! Thank you, Ellen, for sharing and for posting the video which brought tears of joy to my eyes~

  2. Wow! I’m so glad I popped over to see how everyone is doing and am thrilled to see this video. I watched it through some tears with a smile on my face. Go Catherine! So glad you got a chance to see it :-).

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