Sleep and Breathe

Catherine has proven the theory of the infamous Dr Levenbrown. It is, in fact, possible to sleep and breathe at the same time! Dr L made this astute statement during rounds when they discussed extubating yesterday. Catherine had a good night and remained extubated and breathing on her own. So Dr L is busy preparing his much-anticipated paper to report the finding.

They are taking out the arterial line today which means they believe she is out of the woods on her blood pressure issues. She still has her central line and that is typically one of the last things to come out before we leave. They plan to stop Lasix which means she has eliminated enough fluids that she can probably handle it on her own now. She needed a couple of hits of morphine last night but who can blame her? Otherwise she is only on Tylenol for pain. She is a champ!

She’s also tolerating full feeds in her gut just like she does at home so she should start coming back to her own with some calories on board.

When I walked in this morning she had a beautiful pillowcase and matching new Linus Project Blanket. The care of people who don’t even know her astounds me. And Sarah finally got to sit in bed with her for a moment. All is returning to right in the world.

When you think about it, if we can all just remember to sleep and breathe that really will get us through most things. Thankfully Catherine seems to be back on track for both. And always an example to me.

Keep flying Butterfly!


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  1. I can do ALL things through Christ, who strengthens me!!!!!!!!!
    That scripture is very fitting for Catherine! :-). Through Him, His grace, she cont to overcome many hurdles.

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