Just saw Dr. Miller. She looks great he said. He’s very pleased with the correction. Said her BP dropped some but nothing they couldn’t manage with fluids and no reaction like what they saw before. Said he is certain it was a reaction to a med. She got six units of blood because she bled a little more but he said that was manageable. He had to go a little slower as a result and it took a little longer than he thought. He was glad he got back in there because her spine was starting to stiffen and it was an optimal time to go back and continue. We agree!

He has every reason to believe she will recover as originally planned. I cannot express how thankful and relieved we are. Your prayers and support helped tremendously! Thank you. We are waiting to go see her directly in ICU.

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  1. Praise God!!!!!!!!!! The Lord is good all the time. Give my best to Catherine. I pray you & Brian can breathe a little easier now. You guys are super trooper parents. kudos 😉

  2. Wonderful news!!! So proud that ALL of you made it thru such an ordeal. Do wish for her recovery (and yours) to be as wished for… You all will be in my thoughts. Love to all. The Rebel Aunt

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