Good Morning!

Catherine had a good night last night. Her BP dropped some so they gave her some fluids. I have a feeling this is our new normal and the BP alarm is less alarming to me now. Well – somewhat. More concerning was that her temp dropped to 33*C so they put her in this warming device called a Bear Hug. Gotta love that! She warmed up nicely then this morning her temps are dropping again. Apparently this is sort of normal post-op behavior after losing so much blood.

Since she got enough blood to replace her volume three times, I got curious what that meant for you and me. Assume an adult has about 5 liters of blood – it’s actually a little less but that makes the math easier. That would mean an adult in her surgery who replaced the same blood volume would have had 15 units of blood! I’ve not confirmed that with a doctor so maybe some of the docs reading will correct this. Sort of put it in perspective for me.

The goal is to keep her comfortable and then get her extubated though everyone is clear that will happen in her own time. We more or less know what to expect now on that front. I was even joking about starting a pool for that!

Miller rounded early this morning and said she looks good. Her incision looks great he said as well. Docs will round in a bit and you can all just picture me standing on the other side of that great big wall of monitors. I will be the one smiling.

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