Most nights I drink a glass of milk and eat cookies while we watch Big Bang Theory before going to bed. I tried doing it in the H and it just wasn’t the same. Wasn’t even on most nights and i didn’t have the luxury of a DVR.

Tonight, the girls are settled into bed at a reasonable hour. Sarah is all packed up for her first day of Kindergarten tomorrow. Super exciting! Catherine has had a good day on pain meds round the clock so she could rest from the trip yesterday. I got some work done. And Brian did a grocery shop and threw out the bad food in the fridge – which was most of it!

I have fresh milk. And a bowl full of Nilla Wafers. And the routine makes me all the more grateful to be home.


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  1. Sounds nice! Glad you are all home and getting back settled into your routines. Good luck to Sarah tomorrow. First day of Kindergarten – how exciting.

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