Normal in the Middle

This blog is about hope despite the disabilities. And today, despite the surgery and the frenetic pace we’ve kept the past couple of weeks, we took a moment for Normal. In and of itself, that provides rays of hope. I was talking with my brother last night telling him all we had to do to get Sarah ready for Kindergarten today. “We’ve gotta get her clothes out and pack her backpack and make sure we have stuff for lunch…”

He interrupted me and said, “You’ve gotta do Normal.” It stopped me in my tracks. That’s exactly right. This morning was Normal. Frantic like every other family in AACo preparing to send their kid off to Kindergarten for the first time. Exciting like every other family. Nervous like every other family. Normal.

The fact that it happened in the middle of major surgery recovery doesn’t matter. It was normal. And I was grateful we’re all home together for it to actually be normal even in our world. I forgot to take my phone to snap a photo on it at drop-off. And I forgot to put Sarah’s watch on her and her new rainbow loom bracelets. She’s gonna be so bummed as soon as she realizes it. And worst of all, I forgot to feed her breakfast! Ugh! But like every Mom having her dose of Normal this morning, I did manage to get a couple of pictures on my “big camera.” Maybe there is hope for me yet!

Have a GREAT day in Kindergarten Sarah! I hope it’s the “BEST DAY EVER!!” I love you.



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  1. Hi Ellen,
    This is Charlotte’s gramma, Marie. Katie shared a link to your blog…so I could see Sarah’s backpack. Which, of course, is identical to Charlotte’s! So funny! I hope her first day of school was perfect. The photo of her is beautiful!!

    Anyway, I’ve spent some time reading through your blog…and laughing…and crying…and praying. You write beautifully. I’m so glad you’ve got some normal going on right now! Back to School and Cookies & Milk sound perfect!

    What a real blessing it was to read about your experience at Disney World. Soarin’ and The Lion King are two of my very favorite Disney experiences. It was lovely to experience just a tiny bit of the magic that you and your family did. We sure did pray that the trip would be a magical one for your family.

    It’s wonderful to hear that Catherine is home….what a long process for all of you. You, Brian, Catherine & Sarah are in my prayers. I look forward to reading all about progress made and a bit of normal being experienced. But for now I’ll just embrace the name of your blog. I’ll just wait and see….what happens.

    Thank you for sharing your story!
    Oh, and by the way, not only did I find your blog…I also found your Pinterest boards. I’ve only looked through the one titled “Laugh” – so good!
    Thanks!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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