Sleep Helps Everything

There were a few moments early in the morning when all the chimes from the dozens of monitors on all the kids in the ICU all stopped at the same time. Those pauses amid the constant chimes were more noticeable to me than the actual chimes after a long restless night. I found if I focused on that rare stillness, I could actually drift to sleep. Thankfully.

Catherine had a pretty good night. Her blood pressure dropped for a good bit at one point around 2:30 AM so she had to come back up on the Epi drug, which made us head back to nearly original levels of the med, which was frustrating. Today, though, docs have decided to be more aggressive and they’ve turned off the Fentenyl (sp?) and are trying to get her to wake up so they can remove the breathing tube. She’s still on Epi to help her blood pressure stay up and when they titrate that down, her BP drops. Hopefully that will start to change as they allow her to wake up.

Will keep you posted as things progress today. Continued thanks for all the prayers, emails, texts, responses on this blog and anything else that lets us know you are with us in spirit. I see this huge network of God’s spirit holding us all together. It’s beautiful.

Love and hugs,


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  1. “Hope is the thing with feathers
    That perches in the soul
    And sings the tune without the words
    And never stops at all.”
    ― Emily Dickinson

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