Quick Update Before Bed

Catherine has had a relatively uneventful day which you would think would be good. It’s been frustrating though because I was really hoping to be able to tell you they pulled the tube.

She breathed on her own with the tube still in place for three hours last night. Today I was getting really excited as she was coming up on an hour. Then at 54 minutes she didn’t take a breath and the ventilator kicked in to breathe for her. It’s not like it gives a little puff and she’s off in her own again. It just takes over and she has to start from scratch the next time they are willing to try. Usually they want to let her rest and it can be hours before they’ll try again. Like I said – frustrating.

The good news is that she is off the blood pressure med entirely and holding her BP up really well. She’s also off all pain med except Tylenol. We are trying to balance narcotics for pain and being awake to breathe. Tricky to say the least. She seems to be doing well on only Tylenol and I am amazed frankly.

So she’s on no meds – just needs to get off the vent. At some point they’ll decide just to leave her on til surgery. So far it still seems to be planned for Wed. I am sure we will get more info when Dr. Miller rounds tomorrow. Sundays are pretty quiet in the H typically. I remember that from bed rest with Sarah. They were among the hardest to get through then. Today it is sorta nice.

Hope everyone sleeps well. Pray for good breaths. Sure would like to see my little girl without the tube coming out of her mouth!

Sweet dreams y’all –

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  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. God has this all under control. Rest your cares upon Him. Take care Ellen,, give my best to Catherine, Brian & Sarah

  2. Hi Ellen, was just able to read your updates on Catherine’s surgery. Thinking of you and continuing to send prayers.

    1. Thanks all for the prayers and good vibes. Keep praying for breath and that they pull this tube. Waiting is agonizing! Hopefully it’ll be worth it soon 🙂

  3. Hey Ellen, “THANK YOU” for the continued Updates <3 Just know that I am sending Love, Light, Positive Energy, Prayers & Hugs Catherines way & to you and Brian too. Give Catherine a Big Hug & Kiss for me <3

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