Notice Anything?

Notice anything different in this picture? That’s Sarah in the bed and Catherine in the wheelchair! Yep. She got out of bed today and sat in a reclined position in a hospital wheelchair. The goal was 30 minutes and she stayed in the chair nearly an hour! Great job Catherine!!

In fact she did such a great job today that they moved us to the regular floor. Yep again! She’s out of the ICU hanging out in the ortho rehab area of the hospital. We expect to be here about five days. She’ll get PT 2x/day. We will learn how to move her carefully and rehab at home and they will watch her wound. So far, it looks great!

It’s nearly impossible to believe nine days ago we were dealing with a life-threatening reaction in the OR. In some ways memory is kind and I barely remember it. Though the tears and stress from it hover mere millimeters under the surface. I actually think its a blessing that I didn’t realize how sick she was and how miraculous her recovery has been.

Tonight I sit in a new room with her. It’s probably odd to try to understand how the transition to a regular floor can be so hard. Of course it’s exciting and means we are closer to coming home. Like anything though, we developed routines and comforts in the ICU and it feels a little like the net is gone. Reality is that Catherine doesn’t need that net any more. She’s flying high on her own and it’s mostly me that feels the need for a net. By the time tomorrow comes with its new sunlight to break into our new purple room, I probably will be past my need for the net as well. Let’s hope so. And by the way, God. Thanks for giving us a nurse our first night that we had years ago when Catherine had her hip surgery. I’m thinking she can pull out that net pretty fast if we do need it. I’ll go to sleep resting in that confidence.

Sweet dreams y’all. Enjoy these photos.





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  1. Love it when they take away the safety net, knowing you can get the net back if you need it. We are following along every entry, hanging onto Catherine’s progress and praying for her.

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