The Happiest People?

Apparently the “happiest people on earth” are happy because so many are cared for by the government. At least that’s what we read. We’ve not found that happiness flowing to the tourists though. In fact, the people who are nice and friendly are so rare they stand out like a 70-degree day in the middle of February.

For example – and I’m not making this up – this is what happened today at the train information center. I stood in line behind about 20 people. I understand that the woman at the counter probably gets the same questions every hour of every day. But that’s her job. And this is how the conversation went when I finally reached the top of the queue:

Do you speak English? 


I’m trying to get my family to LegoLand – to Billund. Which train do I take?

I cannot sell you tickets. 

Ok – what train do I take it how do I get tickets?

The train leaves at 11:03. 

(It’s 10:45 and the family is still back at the room getting packed) What if we miss that train?

It goes every hour. 

Which train is it? 

Frishshahahahah (I have no idea what she said)

What number is it?

It changes. 

So how do I know how to get there? 

(By now we are both frustrated and she is losing patience with me) FRISHESHASHAHA or Cosheshahahahah or spachashahahha again no idea what she said)

Can you spell that for me please? 

I cannot spell all of those! 

I walk away figuring I will have to try another way later. But seriously – would it have been so hard to say “Take a train to Fredericia, then get a bus to Billund”? 

After packing up, we got to the station in time to make the 12:03 but the queue to buy tickets was ridiculous. The best a man could offer by way of help was “just wait.”  They were on number 459 and we had to start over after 499 and make our way to our #70. That would be a long wait and we might still be sitting there. It’s 1:10 now and spoiler alert… We are on a train. 

I saw a window labeled lost and found with only one person in line. They were buying a Copenhagen card – a card that gives you discounts to various attractions. I decided to pretend like I needed that and asked some questions. Eventually I got around to needing to go to LegoLand. 

Ya! I can help you with that!!

Jackpot. A few mins later we had all the tickets we needed – round trip as I didn’t want to hassle with all this train stuff again – and we had 7 mins to make it with our 2 huge bags and a wheelchair to platform 8. Thankfully some cute guys with a soccer ball pointed us to our track which happened to be right in front of us. And we were off again! 

Apparently there is massive construction being done on the rail lines and we are going to be delayed and have to make another transfer. At least we are on the way toward another leg of our journey though.

Will attempt to upload the photo on the train later. It’s not working now.     

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