A Good First Real Day

We slept 14!!! hours! And then we set off to find the National Museum – one of the country’s shining jewels apparently. And there is also a National Galley – not to be confused… though we did. 

It didn’t matter though because we wanted to go there anyway. They have a drawing room for kids with paper and pencils to encourage budding artists to observe more closely and share what they see. Sarah saw a lot!

There was a reflecting pool out front with chairs in it so we could sit in the middle of the pool and listen to a saxophone player which Catherine seemed to enjoy. That allowed some time for Sarah to make her way to the middle of the pool also. 

And finally we made our way to Tivoli – well Sarah and I did. There wasn’t much for Catherine to do there so she and Brian took a break from the bumpy cobblestones and rested in the room. Good thing too since it POURED down rain on us forcing us into a waffle shop where we had waffles, donuts and soft ice cream for dinner!! Sarah thought she was in heaven. 

The rain didn’t stop us from closing down the park at 11 PM and then going out for pizza. Didn’t I say Sarah is 7 going on 17?? The 7 year old came out when she found all the puddles in Copenhagen and splashed to her heart’s content. Was a good first day in the city. 

This morning we got up to a big breakfast in our hostel. Catherine thinks she’s still on US time though! And today we hope to find the actual National Museum. Wish us luck!!


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