And We're Off!

Fifteen years ago, Brian and I were making our way through Costa Rica on the tail end of a lifetime dream to backpack around the world. Travel was in my DNA as I grew up hearing stories from my Grandmommy about how to turn your rings into your hands so people wouldn’t cut off your fingers to steal them! She traveled all over the world before it was as relatively easy as it is today. And she inspired me to travel. 

When Catherine was born the idea of traveling internationally fizzled. The dream never died though and my stepbrother actually made sure Catherine and we got to Aruba. One baby step outside our borders. 

Today, we leave for Copenhagen! We are going to prove to ourselves what we said when Catherine was born. She can do anything – we just may have to work a little harder and get a little morecreative. So here we go working a little harder and definitely with some creativity. We’re staying in a hostel and then in a flat we booked through airbnb. Gotta stay progressive! 

The other purpose for the trip is to teach Sarah that there are lots of ways to live in the world and we don’t always have the “right” way in the U.S. Our way is usually pretty good. The trip around the world taught us that. It’s definitely not the only way though. And with any luck, Sarah will be inspired to travel and explore this great big wide wonderful world. So far, she’s most excited to see the Little Mermaid and go to amusement parks. We’ll hit Tivoli of course and LegoLand and then venture to the oldest amusement park in the world – Bakken. 

So will will prove that Catherine can internationally and inspire Sarah to love to travel the globe? We’ll just have to wait and see…

Wheels and luggage – here we go!

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