Relaxing in the Park

The girls set off an adventure today. After staying up with Catherine for 5 nights and pushing about 80 pounds of luggage all over the streets of Copenhagen, Billund and Fredericksburg, Brian needed a day of sleep. So I took Sarah and Catherine to find Fredericksburg Park – one of the largest in Copenhagen. Given that it was nearly 30 mins away, we found it truly an adventure – especially when we had to find our way around a cycling event smack dab in the middle of google’s route plan for us. 

We found our way through myriad little streets and eventually wound up entering the park on the wobblestones – Sarah’s apropos term for the cobblestones. Immediately we relaxed surrounded by the greenery, ducks, cranes and herons. We set out to find the playground. And this time, we struck gold!

The playground had about a half dozen hammocks instead of swings. Immediately I was grateful because Catherine could swing – and get out of her chair for a bit after the bumpy ride. 


Of course Sarah didn’t want to miss out on the fun and she quickly crawled in with her sister. This was one of the sweetest moments for me so far on the trip. 

 [wpvideo 9VOz8PrG] 
We headed back after several hours in the park and just before Brian was starting to wonder if he should come looking for us. I was proud of our little girl adventure. We relaxed, didn’t get lost and had a great time. 

Sarah named her Popsicle “Poppy”. It’s a girl!


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