Rough Travels Lead to a Great Day

Three closed elevators! I thought Brian and I would both blow a gasket today as we headed to Lousiana Museum of Modern Art. Thankfully, he was in a “Let’s make it work” mood and started taking Catherine on the escalator. 
Imagine our growing frustration at another transfer where we either had to go home or climb about 30 stairs on each of 3 landings. It was much easier going down thankfully and I did my best to help. People just stood and stared. I still wonder how another human can watch someone struggle with a wheelchair and not offer to help. Very occasionally – and I mean VERY! – someone would and those people were like gold. Even if we declined the offer. 

Needless to say, I don’t have a photo of us on the stairs as I was working hard to help Brian get Catherine down them safely. We did finally make it to the museum and were well rewarded. 

We went because of three things I had read:

1. It is on many art-lover’s bucket list of best art museums in the world. How could we skip that even if we are not really that into art?

2. There would be a free concert on the lawn looking out to Sweden. At least we could  say  we showed Sarah another country. 

3. The children’s wing was reported to be quite impressive. Given how much fun we had in the National gallery in Copenhagen, we thought this would be a big hit as well. This museum didn’t just set out random buckets or near scraps – dare I say garbage? This one tied into the major exhibitions and encouraged kids to use what they learned in the exhibits such as afrika or string painting or collage painting to make their own remarkable element of art that expressed their r own creativity. Every child had a vision and thkse visions nbave rbersJ

We learned also about skull the in the garden and even Godti make our Loire critter to bring home. Brian is working on that packing and engineering  – and here is when they paid is for?

Honestly – I tried to just post in photos and fell asleep. I can feel it happening again. So lemme just chair some highlights from what was yesterday at the Louisiana museum of modern Art. 

And we even got tower the guy orchestrating the erfoave of two wind instremta and a computer. Take a listen…



[wpvideo tV0mdnQ7]  That little piece of video was worth the airfare to get here!!
And we had magic after Magic the rest of the day. 

[wpvideo uqw6QaKf] 
  Example of string painting inspired by Peter Doir.  
Best art in the museum to me!!

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