Two Differences

Two things are immediately different in Copenhagen. One, the family discussed; the other hasn’t been mentioned by anyone yet. 

First – it’s astounding how many people smoke here! I’ve gotten used to that being rare and it’s definitely taken some adjusting since landing. Sarah even commented that all the butts on the ground are not good for the environment. And she was the first to mention the observation about the smokers. Yuck!

Second – people stare. Maybe they stare at home and I am simply used to it. I don’t think so though. Seeing a kid out and about in a wheelchair must be pretty rare here – and I can understand why with all the cobblestone streets. We have even run into canal tours that cannot accommodate a wheelchair. Frustrating! We simply zigged and took the bus tour instead. And the driver didn’t even know there was a ramp on the bus! Like I said – sometimes it takes more work. We’re doing it though! And so far so good. 

At the CPH airport after getting our first Kroner.   

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