Writing to Be Cool

If I don’t write, does that mean I’m no longer a writer? And why haven’t I written in four months, especially after I made a commitment to myself and to readers that I would? Well, for one, we’ve had an amazing summer and I’ve been soaking it up like the sunshiny rays I don’t want to disappear on this final summer weekend. And for another thing, I’ve started a business that is keeping me very busy with an obsessive all-consuming kind of focus. Those are just excuses though, aren’t they? The truth is that if I wanted to write, I would be writing. Right? And since I’m not writing, I must not want to write. Is that right? Or is that wrong?

I actually do want to write. I don’t feel like I have much to say right now, though. I don’t want simply to recount the past 4 months, amazing as they have been. I remember wanting to write about Catherine going to camp by herself for a week and realizing I had no idea what to write because I had no idea what happened!  And I don’t want to write about sadness or loss or frustrations or any of the other things I think about related to the disabilities of our lives. I wrote a post about nurses and training them and I never posted it. It sounded too negative and I don’t want to sound negative. That’s not the point of this blog.

I’m working on redesigning this blog so it looks more current. I’m actually working with a woman in South America and have spent countless hours picking out themes that might work so she can make the transfer of all these thousands of words into a format that is more readable and represents Catherine better. Maybe that’s what’s been holding me back… I think I can reflect Catherine better.

We went back-to-school shopping recently as virtually every other family in America does. Sarah proclaimed, “Catherine needs to look cooler!” And so we set about to find some clothes that would make that statement a reality. We got her a jean jacket and vest and some cool skirts. And as she headed back to school, she certainly looked cooler. She even looks cool heading to church! IMG_0012So stay tuned as this blog gets ready to transform and look cooler as well. And I’ll work a little harder at writing – hopefully to reflect Catherine as the cool pre-teen she is.

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