New Year's Resolutions

Each year at this time, I wrestle with new resolutions. Part of me is giddy at the prospect of starting fresh and being better in many ways. Part of me gets undone at the thought of making promises to myself or others that history would suggest I’m going to break anyway. In fact,  I read recently that most people give up on their new resolutions in the first 16 days. Hmph! That’s not very long.

So, here’s a list of things I may or may not try to do for the next 16 days. After that, we’ll see how it goes.

  1. Love Brian better. OK, I try to do this every day anyway, but may as well list it here, too.
  2. Do more yoga with Catherine. She does great with it, and Yoga For the Special Child really is a great resource. I love it when I hear her take a deep full breath after a great stretch.
  3. Quit saying, “Dammit” in front of Sarah. Neither Brian nor I realized we were saying it until we heard it come from her little mouth. Fortunately, she doesn’t seem to know the meaning – yet.
  4. Get the basement cleaned and organized so we have a clear therapy area and Conductive Education area available daily without having to move a bunch of stuff when we want to use it. We’ve been working on this all week since I’ve been off work. I really hope we can get it finished before the 16 days are up.
  5. Buy a mobility van (I like that terminology way more than “handicapped van”, don’t you?). We were all ready to go and then reconsidered the rear entry Toyota Sienna, which seems to be the front runner for now. After pulling in the lot of IKEA recently and finding very few spots available in general, not to mention those with enough clearance to deploy the ramp out the right side, we feel pretty confident it’s the right choice for us. But I’d love to hear if anyone has other experiences.
  6. Start a monthly date night with Brian. OK, this one really should stick.
  7. Turn off the TV one night a week and read. Doubt that one will.
  8. Get up earlier and exercise. I love the idea of this, but even just writing it makes me want to sleep in all the way to my normal 5:20 AM alarm.
  9. Research HBOT for Catherine – again! And maybe actually try it.
  10. Get Sarah into daycare so she can make some little friends. Aren’t toddlers the cutest playfriends?
  11. Post more frequently to this blog. At least weekly.
  12. (my favorite number, and the reason to end the list here) Find a way to laugh at least 10 times every single day. And really, if I do that, won’t the rest just sort of take care of itself?

Here are 2 photos of Catherine and Sarah. If I bail on my resolutions, I’ve got some pretty great stuff to fall back on with these two, don’t you think?

Catherine smiling
Catherine smiles about her stocking Christmas morning.
Sarah learning to say prayers with Catherine.

Happy New Year everyone!

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  1. Good luck with the “dammit.” We’re constantly finding new things to stop saying – not necessarily bad words, but words in disrespectful tones or things that are funny but not appropriate for a 3-year old to say.

    Though “dammit” was our first big one and it was because Dixon said it once when he was frustrated with whatever he was playing with. He knows, now, that it’s a bad word, so he really doesn’t say it. Except, once, to say, very seriously, “Sometimes I make Daddy say dammit.”

    Which is so totally true.

    1. Love that image. We’re struggling with a phase (I hope!) where Sarah wakes in the middle of the night and wants to Eat Eat Eat! Ugh!

  2. Hi Ellen, I love the way you write….and I love the way you think.:) Rest assured I’ll be following your blog now that you’ve made the grand unveiling. So be sure to post every week because I’ll be waiting!

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