Are We Out of the Woods?


We passed three weeks post-op on Wednesday, and on Monday, we go see the surgeon to see how Catherine is doing. She’s doing so well on the outside, it makes me wonder if the proverbial ‘other shoe’ is about to drop on the inside. Is the hardware still in place? Are her bones healing well? Have we done a good enough job keeping her knees and toes always pointing at the ceiling? I sure hope so.

Lately, she’s been expressing more pain by whimpering and, at times, yelling in her own way. I interpret this as a good thing – not that she’s in pain, of course – but that she’s letting us know. I think she’s moving more and sick of being mostly on her back. When she moves, I know it hurts a ton! I also think that since we’re weaning her somewhat from her meds, she’s more alert and more aware of the pain. That’s a double-edged sword, of course, but overall, I think the signs of pain are, relatively speaking, good.

Tonight we went on a walk. It’s 73 degrees according to my “always on” weather station. Sarah rode in a stroller (which she rarely does) and Catherine rode with her legs extended, knees and toes to the sky, and we strolled through our neighborhood. Brian and I talked about the day, and we reflected on a house we could have bought for about $140K years ago. Brian told me about Sarah playing in water and watering the plants. I told him about hitting off the first tee in over seven years. I hit it straight and long and was quite relieved! And I realized something during our walk…

Life is good. May it stay so for awhile.

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