Post-Surgery Update

Hi all,

Sorry for the delay in the update. Catherine is doing quite well, but I got sick and couldn’t update last night. They did surgery with an epidural in addition to general anesthesia, so she didn’t need to be put as deep with the general making her recovery better and enabling her respiration to stay stronger. She had PT twice yesterday and seemed to do well during it. Very little signs of added pain, which is great. Means the epidural has been working.

The epidural will come out today, most likely as it’s leaking and they’ve been balancing the leak and potential for infection with the pain management it’s providing. The doc had originally hoped it would stay in until Saturday AM, but looks like they’ll pull it this morning.

The biggest challenge now seems to be getting Catherine home. She’s wider now, and swollen and won’t fit into her wheelchair. So, while they continue to work on options, the current plan is for her to ride home on Sunday in Sarah’s car seat, which means Sarah would ride home in Catherine’s wheelchair. Bizarre, right? Whatever gets us home safely and comfortably!

I, unfortunately, have come down with a really bad cold. I’m hopeful it moves quickly so I can go see Catherine tomorrow on the train with Sarah. If not, we’ll wait and go up on Sunday I suppose. Sarah is ready for everyone to be back together. Skype provides some help, but she repeats roll call every morning over and over as she keeps tabs on where everyone is: “Daddy at hospital. Cackie at hospital. Sarah at home. Mommy sick and Mommy goes to work.” She’s got it all right, but I think she’s ready for all the players to have home at the end of their names.

Many thanks for your prayers (and patience with this update!). Let’s hope she keeps doing as well as she’s been thus far.

With gratitude,

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