Time to Raise a Little Dough – and maybe get back to Disney?

Hi all,

I don’t normally do this on my blog. This is a really great fundraising deal though, so I’m working hard to make it happen. Catherine gets help from Bello Machre and we’re walking on June 8 to raise money for them and for Catherine. The cool part is that Catherine gets HALF of the money we raise directly to her. AND if we raise $5000, our family gets to go to DISNEY! It would mean a lot if any of you reading could consider a donation and consider spreading the word to help raise some funds for this great organization and for Catherine directly. We use them for care and services and they enable us great peace of mind!

I’m in the process of editing some photos of our recent family vacation, celebrating 20 years of marriage! And I also plan to post soon about the softball team Catherine has joined – Dream Catchers. All coming soon, so stay tuned…

Thanks so much for any donation you can make. Take a look at this site:


Hugs to all!



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