Good Report

Catherine saw her buddy, Dr. Miller, today for her post-op visit. He said she looks great and he released her to do nearly everything. No twisting yet. No lying on a therapy ball. No ATV rides. No trampoline bouncing over 6-8 feet. Other than that she’s cleared for play.

So she got fit for new leg splints to help her stand with good support. Thinking about what Sarah would choose, we ordered flowers and ladybugs with teal foam and black straps. They should look really cool. And she and Brian will make another trip next week to see if we need any wheelchair adjustments. We are definitely making sure she has all the right bio-mechanical supports in place in the next couple of months.

Official word is that she is about 2.5″ taller. That surprised us because her head came up 5-6 inches when she got in her wheelchair, remember? Miller explained that her official length prior to surgery was measured lying down. So the effect of the curve on her height wasn’t as pronounced as it was when she was sitting in her chair. That makes sense now that I think about it.

Great day in DE getting all set up for whatever is next. I remain grateful for all those at duPont who help along the way. Enjoy the photos!



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