Testing mobile blogging. I will update folks on Catherine’s progress after surgery so I thought I’d check the mobile version 🙂

Four more days. Ugh! Got to swim twice. And took a bunch of pics. Gotta figure out how to add those 🙂 all In good time. Please excuse the typos!



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  1. Prayers for successful surgery for sweet Catherine and calm strength for you and Brian. Look forward to reading updates!

  2. Ellen, Catherine is in my thoughts and prayers as she embarks upon another milestone surgery. I pray she will come through it stronger and able to advance and grow to her full potential. Your blog is a treasure – a mother’s love, aspirations and dedication. You are an inspiration and I truly believe a guiding light will continue to shine forward on this difficult path.

    1. Thanks Amy! Still keeping you in prayer also 🙂 and yes I hope she can stand better and sit better and maybe even hold her head up! And after that?? Who knows??!!

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